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Global Japan
JAN 15, 2014

ASEAN and India: Making the Most of Business Opportunities

can be utilized for mutual advantage. In this session, panelists from Thailand, Singapore and India will explore ways to building strategic partnerships between Japan, ASEAN and India to maximize business…

Global Japan
OCT 30, 2017

North Korea and Asian Geopolitics: Views from Japan, China, India, and the US

…continent. In such a complex geopolitical background, what will be the role of Japan? Experts from Japan, China, the US, and India gather to discuss these issues. Sept 18, 2017. G1…

Career Success
MAR 10, 2011

Business Trip to the United States (3): Conference Gathering Entrepreneurs Assembled from Around the World

…Assange does. Indian citizen: Assange is too anti-American. I want him to attack the Indian government more because it’s also quite bad. India needs WikiLeaks. Other participants, including English, Swiss,…

Career Success
DEC 11, 2008

Mumbai Business Trip Diary, Part 1: The Mumbai Cityscape and Terrorism

…Now, it’s Mumbai. Immediately after hearing about the attacks, I sent an e-mail to an Indian friend there. He quickly replied, letting me know he was ok. I breathed a…

Career Success
MAR 3, 2010

WEF Annual Meeting 2010 in Davos 2010 – Part 6: Scenes from the Third Day at Davos

…to India Night. I was eating Indian food for lunch and dinner. India’s presence was strongly evident at this year’s Davos. I talked with the two ministers, devoured my Indian…

Global Japan
OCT 5, 2016

Action 92. Seventy Years since the End of WWII – Build Relationships with Other Countries with an Eye towards the Future! (2 of 2)

…Multilateral Relationship with the World’s Largest Democratic State! India, the world’s largest democratic state, is an important partner with which Japan should develop a strategic relationship. Needless to say, India

Career Success
MAR 2, 2010

WEF Annual Meeting 2010 in Davos – Part 5: Scenes from the second day at Davos

…of India. It was a nightclub (or a “disco,” in ancient terms) where people could dance. A video of an Indian singer was projected on a huge screen, and Indian…

Career Success
OCT 17, 2003

New Asian Leaders Report from Hong Kong

…from India is a second-generation representative of an Indian financial clique. He is a nice young man, having been educated in India, the U.K. and the U.S. He is a…

Career Success
AUG 3, 2010

My (Business) Trip to Tanzania – Part 7: Traveling the History and Culture of Tanzania

…faces the Indian Ocean. Until the 19th century, this port city had functioned as a center for Arab trade in African slaves. Captured Africans are said to have cried out,…