GLOBIS graduate Mihoko Suzuki works for TASKAJI, an online housekeeping service that matches people who are looking for housekeeping jobs with people searching for help at home. 

The company offers many services, including childcare, pet care, and cooking. 

Many of the workers are non-Japanese, which means clients and their children get the chance to interact with English speakers, thus creating new generations accustomed to multiculturalism. In this post Mihoko explains her kokorozashi, or personal mission in life, and how it drives her work. 


When you try to think up a new business idea, a typical way is to solve a problem you understand deeply. 

When I thought about the inconveniences in my life, the first thing that came to mind was housekeeping. 

A few years ago I was a working mother with a full time job and it was always so stressful. My husband and I like our home kept neat and tidy so we spent much of our weekends and free time doing housework, even if we were tired and wanted to relax. 

We prioritized housework so much we couldn’t go out with our children as much as we wanted to because if we did not keep up with cooking and cleaning, the next week would be a disaster. 

I wanted to hire a housekeeper but we could not afford it and my husband would not agree to pay for such an expensive service, which could be done by us for free. 

Spending quality time with my children and husband, practicing self-improvement through reading and studying, and taking care of my health couldn’t be done by anyone else. 

But, I thought, cleaning my house could. 

Even help with the smallest tasks such as bringing clothes in from the balcony, washing dishes after meals, vacuuming the living room etc., could have a huge impact on my life. So I had always dreamed someone would help me. 

I saw lots of working mothers at nursery who were in similar situations. They looked tired and sometimes irritated with their kids. 

I decided that I wanted to help them. I discovered that helping working mothers out makes me feel happy because it is like I’m helping another version of myself. 

That’s how I discovered my personal mission in life. 

At GLOBIS I learned the basics of doing business and how to think from the perspective of management. 

This has helped me a lot in the real world of business. Up until now I didn’t have a traditional career (only secretarial work as an assistant) but I now understand what management is talking about through the knowledge gained in so many MBA classes. 

In particular, Service Management and Human Resource Management helped me a lot in my current role. Part of my job is to interview housekeepers and motivate them, making sure their working conditions are adequate in order for them to provide a good service to our customers. 

Learning about start-ups in Venture classes helped me in making my decision to join my current company. 

Through this move, I can continue to pursue my mission in life. 

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