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Yukikazu Natori

Professor and Founder

Mr. Yukikazu Natori holds a master’s degree in chemistry at Tokyo Institute of Technology. He has taught at the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Osaka University, and UMIST. He covers diverse fields of science, including chemistry, chemical engineering, molecular biology and genome science. As a founder, CEO, president, and chairman at several biotech company, and manager and officer at a large chemical company, he is also familiar with entrepreneurship and business.

In the last fifteen years, he has had a strong interest in drug research and development based on molecular biology and genome science, particularly RNAi and peptide drugs. He is also interested in the prevention of biological aging. Most recently, he has designed an siRNA drug for cancer patients that will soon enter into phase 1 clinical trials in Japan.

Global Japan
JUN 19, 2020

Looking Back on the Coronavirus Risk Factors We Didn’t Expect

Some coronavirus risk factors were expected. Others…not so much. Are you unknowingly raising your chances of infection?