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Yasuji Takahara

GLOBIS Faculty
Before joining GLOBIS, Mr. Takahara worked in business development at Marubeni. He has worked in human resources and corporate sales in the GLOBIS Tokyo headquarters, as well as representative offices of the Faculty Division. Currently, he serves GLOBIS through venture capital and KIBOW Impact Investment initiatives. His particular area of ​​expertise is social entrepreneurship, though he is engaged in venture support work, course development, and instructor development.

A graduate of the University of Tokyo Law School and the GLOBIS MBA program, he is a US CTI-certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC).
Career Success
APR 19, 2019

Factfulness: Doubt Your Instincts to See the World beyond Fake News

Be honest…can you answer the following question? Q: The UN predicts that by 2100 the world population will have increased by another…