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Travis Kellerman

Start-up Advisor

Mr. Travis Kellerman is a startup advisor, writer, and futurist. He advises founders and executives at the strategic level, from practical philosophy to continuous iteration of missions, communications, products, and business models. Mr. Kellerman sees a future where data science and dialogue redefine human values, and fully incorporated ESG metrics save our species from climate change and social inequity.   As an advisor to tech companies, Travis uses strategic futurism to create the future, rather than fear or avoid it. With experience in politics and public policy, his experience as a serial tech co-founder includes 4000% revenue growth and global expansion into eighty countries. He has built data platforms, scaled teams, and faced new challenges at multiple startups in Southeast Asia.   His journey from politics to tech strategy is at
Career Success
APR 30, 2021

How to Make Your Start-up Sustainable from the Start

ESG principles are much easier to maintain when baked in at the start. How does a start-up grow and innovate with sustainability at its core?