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Toru Takahashi

Managing Director
GLOBIS Global Education,
GLOBIS Asia Campus
Pte Ltd., and
GLOBIS Thailand Co. Ltd.
Toru serves as managing director of GLOBIS Global Education, providing leader training programs to corporate clients around the world. He also lectures at GLOBIS University on Global Perspectives, Globalization Strategy, and Entrepreneurial Leadership. As a corporate training instructor, his seminars provide guidance on establishing corporate strategy/philosophy during overseas expansion, formulating strategy, and problem-solving during the localization of overseas sites.

During his time with Marubeni Corporation in Belgium, he lent his expertise to infrastructure development projects in Iran. He currently serves as the representative director of Singapore-based GLOBIS Asia Campus Pte Ltd. and GLOBIS Thailand Co. Ltd. Toru graduated from Sophia University with a degree in economics and completed the Stanford Executive Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
MBA Essentials
FEB 8, 2021

Critical Questioning: MBA Faculty Q&A #5

Do past investments matter in decision making? How do digital psychologists think? Why does HR matter to non-HR people? Should negotiators always make the first move? Check out our Feb 2021 Q&A for answers!

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MAR 20, 2019

2 Attitudes to Dump for Success in an Emerging Market

Lessons for emerging market success from the LV Prasad Eye Institute, India

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JAN 18, 2019

Anime, Collaboration, and Innovation: What Japan and Singapore Can Learn from Each Other

Singapore promotes collaboration among the government, research institutes, and universities. What lessons does the country have to share about generating innovation?

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SEP 12, 2018

Unilever’s Formula for Emerging Markets: The Four Ps

How does a Western company successfully adapt to emerging markets? Unilever may have found an answer.

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APR 27, 2018

Three Books for Your Golden Week: Team Players, Better Conversations, and Understanding Each Other

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APR 6, 2018

Japan Inc. Leadership Abroad: Kirin Beer “Feels the Wind” in Myanmar

Japanese companies have grown increasingly aggressive with global M&A. Entering new markets brings not only business opportunities, but a chance to spread unique corporate cultures and leadership styles.

Global Japan
MAY 16, 2017

It’s Time for Globally Minded Japanese to Seize Opportunities across Asia

Is Japan ready to step out of its comfort zone and seize the opportunities of greater Asia?