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Tetsuya Kaida


Nagaoka University of Technology
Mr. Kaida is one of the key architects behind several revolutionary concepts at Toyota Motor Corporation. He helped develop the “Today for Tomorrow” technology development philosophy, which encourages unrestricted experimentation and free-flowing communication. He helped bring the hybrid technology of the Toyota Prius to the mass market and also helped design iconic concept cars such as the Toyota Rin, 1/x, and i-REAL, which promote harmony between man, machine, and nature. His 10 years with Toyota also contributed to the core elements of the Japanese Originality in Contribution of World Values Project.

In 2012, Mr. Kaida founded Kaze Creative Enterprise, consulting for numerous public and governmental organizations in various fields, ranging from new business development to advanced education. His proposals, including “The Special 8 Directions” and “The Creative City as a New Human Habitat,” have received accolades worldwide.
Tech & Innovation
FEB 19, 2018

The Essence of Japanese Philosophy and Innovation at Toyota

How do groundbreaking changes happen? Is it random chance, or can organizations take control to spur innovation?