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Ted Tan

Deputy Chief Executive, SPRING Singapore
Mr Ted Tan is the Deputy Chief Executive of SPRING Singapore, the enterprise development agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, responsible for helping Singapore enterprises grow.

Prior to his current appointment, Mr Tan was the Deputy CEO of International Enterprise Singapore. He was a Board Member of SPRING Singapore and DesignSingapore Council, and is currently a Board Member of the Council for Private Education, a statutory board under the Ministry of Education.

Before joining the public service, Mr Tan spent 18 years in the private sector and held senior positions in multinational companies including General Electric, Accenture and Singapore-listed CSE Global. He was also the Chairman and board member of various companies in the Asia Pacific region.

Mr Tan graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) in Electrical Engineering and a Master in Business Administration. He has completed the Advanced Management Programme at Harvard Business School.

12 August 2013
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JAN 15, 2014

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