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Tatsuo Masuda

Visiting Professor, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Graduate School
Tatsuo Masuda is visiting professor at the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Graduate School on energy/climate geopolitics. He also serves as board member of SOC Corporation (fuse manufacturer) in Tokyo, advisory board chairman of FairCourt Capital in London and senior advisor to Elion House in Singapore. He taught at Paris University-Dauphine on energy geopolitics and the Tokyo Institute of Technology on innovation. He has a long career in energy policy making and implementation at the International Energy Agency (1996-2001) and METI, and has energy business experience as Vice President of Japan National Oil Corporation (2002-2005). He speaks at international conferences on various topics ranging from energy and climate change to cultural issues. Currently, he is strongly interested in a new dimension of energy and environmental policies, and contributes to the World Economic Forum as member of the Global Agenda Council on Decarbonizing Energy.
Global Japan
OCT 15, 2014

TEPCO and the Future of Energy Policy

By Kojiro Fujii, Barbara Judge and Tatsuo Masuda. < Session Title > G1 Global Conference 2014 Breakout Session I <B > TEPCO and the…