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Takeshi Igarashi

Investment Professional,
KIBOW Impact Investment Fund

Accountability for Change
Mr. Igarashi is an investment professional at KIBOW Impact Investment Fund at GLOBIS. Prior to GLOBIS, he led research on impact investing policies and practices in the UK and the US. While working for the Japanese government's Cabinet Office, he served as a chief researcher for policy design. He also led the introduction and promotion of impact measurement at PwC as a CPA and served as a CFO at Teach For Japan.

He is a founder of Accountability for Change, the first pro-bono accountancy firm in Japan.
Career Success
AUG 11, 2020

How Promoting the Invisible Heart Will Bring the Investment Impact Revolution

Businesses were originally driven by profit alone. Then came the risk-return model. Now a new model is emerging to transform business for the future.