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Takako Miyo

GLOBIS Corporate Education,

Assessment Team Leader
Ms. Miyo initially worked as a systems engineer for a major retailer. She then joined GLOBIS Organizational Learning, where she worked in planning, design, and consulting for human resource development. She was later in charge of marketing and recruitment for GLOBIS University's Online MBA. Currently, she works in the GLOBIS Corporate Education Division and oversees business planning as a leader of the assessment team. She is also in charge of HR research and content development and acts as a lecturer for Critical Thinking.

Ms. Miyo received her degree from Keio University's Department of Psychology, Department of Human Relations. She received her MBA from GLOBIS University.
MBA Essentials
OCT 11, 2019

A Need Only Tapioca Can Fill: Japan’s Latest Food Craze through the Eyes of Maslow’s Hierarchy

Tapioca in Japan has enjoyed three big booms of popularity in as many decades. How have new technology and social trends changed the customer needs being met?