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Shuutaro Takeuchi


GLOBIS University
Mr. Takeuchi has extensive experience in business management operations in HR, finance, and corporate planning at an oil company. At the Japan Center for Economic Research, he participated in a long-term global economic forecast project focusing on growth prospects in Asia. Since joining GLOBIS, he has been engaged in planning, coordination, general departmental business management, and external communication for corporate HR development. He is also currently a senior researcher at GLOBIS.

He graduated from Hitotsubashi University's Faculty of Sociology and completed London Business School's Accelerated Development Program. He is also a certified by the Center for Creative Leadership as a 360 Feedback Facilitator and co-author of MBA Human Resources Management.
Career Success
OCT 27, 2020

How Surviving Cancer Led to a Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

For some, discrimination is a reality they experience from birth. For others, it comes with a life-changing eventーlike cancer.