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Shuichiro Ueyama

President, Ueyama and Associates, Inc.
Mr. Ueyama worked for Sony UK as a marketing manager and Sony HQ as a deputy general manager of the Advertising Division. He later established Ueyama & Associates, Inc. and has done international business consulting, writing, translation, lectures, and TV commercial production. He has published 45 books, including How to Do Business with Foreigners and Losing My Virginity. His lectures, which have proven popular all over Japan, cover themes such as how to become a global business-person, leadership, and work-life balance.

Originally from Shizuoka Prefecture, Mr. Ueyama graduated from Tokyo's Hitotsubashi University as a commerce major. He attended the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford Business School in 1987.

The Essence of Branding and the Fragmentation of the Media (Video)

Mr. Ueyama discusses how the concept of branding has been changing as well as different strategies for achieving brand recognition. He also explains how these strategies have changed through the times and the challenges currently being faced.

Global Japan
JUN 17, 2011

Learning from Richard Branson and Margaret Thatcher (Video)

Mr. Shuichiro Ueyama, currently a consultant who led the successful release of the Sony Walkman in the company’s advertising division, expresses his views on what it takes to be a global leader during the recent waves of globalization.

Tech & Innovation
APR 15, 2011

Learning from the Sony Walkman (Video)

Mr. Shuichiro Ueyama worked for Sony’s advertising division when the Walkman was created and became a success and even today works directly with internationally well-known executives. While at Sony, he witnessed and supported global success of the Walkman. Mr. Ueyama discusses his experience in building a strategy to make the Walkman successful, and the innovative spirit and original lifestyle of the Sony founder, the late Akio Morita.