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Ryoko Takei

Faculty, GLOBIS
Ms. Takei has over 20 years' experience as a marketing management and business development professional. Prior to joining GLOBIS, she worked as a marketing manager for several blue-chip and global companies, including Dentsu, FIFA Marketing, and McKinsey. At GLOBIS she is in charge of faculty and content development. She also serves as auditor-secretary of the Japanese Society of Persuasion and Negotiation.

Ms. Takei balances her life as a businesswoman with activities in music. She is a producer of classical music events and an award-winning opera singer who belongs to the Tokyo Nikikai Opera Foundation. She also serves as the representative of Foster Japanese Songs.
Career Success
MAR 20, 2018

Marketing Professor by Day, Opera Singer by Night

If you’ve ever felt the need to choose between your passion and your career, Ryoko Takei may be a model…

by GLOBIS Insights Staff
Tech & Innovation
JAN 11, 2018

Dreamforce: Future Marketing Will Depend on AI, Cloud Computing, and Community

Dreamforce 2018 revealed ai-based marketing trends indicating the power of the individual in the digital era.

Tech & Innovation
JAN 10, 2018

Dreamforce Marketing Challenges and Trends for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Age of B2I

Dreamforce, one of the world’s largest sales & marketing conferences, was hosted by Salesforce once again in San Francisco. Over…

MBA Essentials
JUL 12, 2016

Data-Driven Marketing: A New Frontier

GLOBIS University Faculty Ryoko Takei discusses the new frontier of Data-Driven Marketing® with Adobe, a new online MBA course at GLOBIS.