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Richard Solomon

Editor-in-Chief, Beacon Reports
Richard Solomon, Editor-in-Chief, posts regular Beacon Reports at Beacon Reports is an email newsletter that provides useful tips from movers and shakers at the front-line of Japan’s multicultural community. Richard also writes the Japan Business Seminar column for The Nikkei Weekly and contributes regularly to The Japan Times.
His background is as a publishing, media and technology entrepreneur/investor. Richard holds an MBA from London Business School and has acted as mentor to LBS's Summer Entrepreneurship Program.
You may contact him from
Global Japan
SEP 18, 2014

Talking (or Not Talking) about the Hard Issues of Fiscal Sustainability

Richard Solomon from Beacon Reports covered G1 Global Conference 2014. Here’s how two resident experts on Japan’s economy responded to the tax hike conundrum when asked “Is Abenomics in trouble?”

Career Success
DEC 12, 2012

How a New Generation of Entrepreneurs Is Forging a New Japan

“I believe Tokyo is becoming the next Silicon Valley.” Yoshito Hori, President, GLOBIS University talked to Beacon Reports.