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Oki Matsumoto

Chairman & CEO, Monex Group, Inc.
Born in 1963. BA in Law from the University of Tokyo (1987). Began his career at Salomon Brothers Asia and joined Goldman Sachs Japan in 1990. He was the head of their fixed income and currency business and became General Partner in 1994 at the age of 30, the youngest ever at that time. In 1999, he founded Monex which was jointly capitalized with Sony. Monex integrated its business with Nikko Beans and established Monex Beans Holdings, Inc. (now Monex Group, Inc.) in 2004 where he is presently Chairman & CEO. Monex Group, Inc. is a global online financial institution with operations in three major financial centers. Monex, Inc. in Japan, TradeStation Group, Inc. in the United States, and Monex Boom Securities Limited in Hong Kong. The group has over 900 employees worldwide with over half of its staffs located in the United States. He was an outside director of Tokyo Stock Exchange (2008-2013), and presently is an outside director of (2010-), a councilor of International House of Japan (2012-).
Global Japan
DEC 3, 2013

Monetary Policy of Abenomics: Overview and Impact

By Shawn D. Baldwin, Jesper Koll, Oki Matsumoto, Thierry Port√© and Hiromichi Mizuno. < Session Title > G1 Global Conference 2013 Breakout Panel…