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Narendra Taneja

Energy Expert and Spokesperson BJP (India's governing party)
Global Japan
NOV 13, 2018

Asian Geopolitics: North Korea and How to Achieve Regional Stability

The June 2018 meeting between North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un and US President Donald Trump seemed to signify a new momentum in…

Global Japan
NOV 2, 2017

Energy Security in the Trump Era: Perspectives from Harvard, India, and Japan

From G1 Global Conference: Sept 18, 2017. With Donald Trump withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Agreement while simultaneously…

Global Japan
OCT 30, 2017

North Korea and Asian Geopolitics: Views from Japan, China, India, and the US

Geopolitical challenges in Asia have become multi-dimensional. North Korea’s persistent development of their nuclear and missile programs have prompted upgraded…