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Mio Takaoka

Executive Director, Monex Group, Inc
Mio is an Executive Director in charge of the New Business Planning Office at Monex Group. She is currently focusing on Monex’s CVC efforts and new business development. She is also co-founder of FINOVATORs, whose goal is to promote growth of the fintech ecosystem in Japan and has been selected as Asia’s 100 Fintech Leaders. She also has been a committee member of METI’s Fintech Study Group, and also has been a lecturer to the LDP’s Financial Research Council. She has also been selected as Japan’s 55 Global Women by Forbes Japan, and is a mother of 3 young children. Mio started her career at Goldman Sachs (Japan) Ltd. after graduating Cambridge University in Physics.
Global Japan
JUL 4, 2017

Connecting Japan with the World

Monex Ex. Dir. Mio Takaoka shares Japan can increase its connections with the world abroad.

Career Success
DEC 7, 2016

[Business] A Call to Action For Private Sector Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Panelists explore ways to develop responsible leadership to confront “unthinkables” in the financial markets.