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Masaru Hoshino

Lecturer, GLOBIS
Mr. Hoshino is a lecturer at GLOBIS in the accounting, finance, and management philosophy fields. Prior to GLOBIS, he worked for a Japanese trading company, where he was engaged in financing natural resource development projects mainly in Southeast Asia. He has also worked as a non-executive director at a petrochemicals manufacturing company specializing in equity investment, project lending, and marketing petrochemical products.

Mr. Hoshino earned his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and an LL.B. from Keio University. He also co-wrote Financial Management (New Edition) among other books from Diamond Publications.
MBA Essentials
NOV 9, 2020

Critical Questioning: MBA Faculty Q&A #2

What’s it like inside an MBA classroom? Check out the November 2020 Q&A with GLOBIS University faculty to find out!

MBA Essentials
JUN 4, 2019

3 Tips to Communicate Numbers Effectively

GLOBIS lecturer Masaru Hoshino shares three easy and insightful tips on how to improve our quantitative skills and become better business professionals.

Career Success
JAN 30, 2013

Building Corporate Culture to Maximize Organizational Capacity 2/2

Mr. Takashi Hata, President and CEO of JATCO, a major manufacturer specializing in automatic transmissions and the world’s number one company in CVT (continuously variable transmission), was hand-picked by Nissan President Carlos Ghosn to transform his company to pursue even further growth in the global market. After experiencing and implementing GE’s well-known leadership training as President for GE Plastics, Mr. Hata is challenging JATCO and its employees to increase its sales to 1 trillion yen. To achieve this goal, he aims to build a corporate culture which drives continuous growth of both the company as well as its individuals. At this seminar, Mr. Hata explains his plan to maximize his organization’s capacity, changing the corporate culture, the challenges he faces in implementing his plan, and his ideas on leadership.