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Marasri Noimarkyar

GLOBIS MBA student
Ms Noimarkyar studied industrial engineering at Thammaset University, and worked as an engineer for Honda R&D Asia Pacific for 6 years in Bangkok. While at Honda, she was moved by the excellence of Japanese management, especially during her 9 months’ experience at an R&D Center in Japan, so she decided to enroll in the MBA program at GLOBIS University in Tokyo in April 2011.
Since she was in University, she has been keen to contribute to her home country through education as a volunteer. As a part-time teacher, she teaches cultural exchange at several elementary schools in Yokohama, starting from April 2012. She has also established a GLOBIS official club for volunteer teachers, and has taught children in the Tohoku area.
Global Japan
APR 17, 2012

MBA students talk about Japan 2/3

UC Berkeley’s Haas MBA students from the USA and GLOBIS MBA students in Japan gathered to think and discuss about “3.11 and MBA students in Japan.”