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Makoto Tameda

GLOBIS Faculty
Mr. Tameda has significant expertise in strategy and marketing. Prior to joining GLOBIS, he worked 11 years as a principal for A.T. Kearney, helping companies develop their strategies and sales capabilities. He has managed a variety of consultation projects in the financial, service, and IT industries. Before A.T Kearney, he worked at Microsoft in B-to-B solution sales and marketing management and at IBM as a sales manager and SE.

An active GLOBIS faculty member, Mr. Tameda teaches marketing and analytical skill-related courses such as critical thinking and quantitative analysis for business in the school's MBA programs. He is also involved in developing marketing and analytical courses and materials.
Global Japan
APR 13, 2018

How to Hack Japan’s IT Market: Sweat the Details, and Be Patient

From robotics to toilets, Japan is renowned for its advanced technology. Entrepreneurs from around the world dream of joining the…