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Laura Abbott

Deputy Editor,

GLOBIS Insights
As a trained editor, Ms. Abbott works in multiple forms, including web copy, dissertations, and novels. She has spent more than six years and 3,500+ consulting hours editing for multilingual authors around the globe. As a writer, she enjoys crafting multidisciplinary perspectives by combining seemingly unrelated subjects. Laura Abbott joined GLOBIS in 2020 and is currently the deputy editor of GLOBIS Insights.

She holds a BA in English and an Editing & Publishing Certificate from Washington State University. Laura also runs her own long-form fiction editorial consulting business. Her professional interests are multilingual rhetoric, story theory, cognitive psychology, and exotic animals.
Global Japan
JUL 10, 2020

Giving a Leg Up to Japanese Companies with the Power of the Indian Labor Market

India’s labor market is of interest to companies all around the world. Here’s how one company is facilitating business between Japan and India.

The Future of Household 3D Printing Will Mirror the Era of Digital-First Video Games

What do microtransactions, contract work, and digital rights management all have in common? They’re all problems in the gaming industry—and in the future of household 3D printing.

Tech & Innovation
MAY 26, 2020

Playing Video Games During Quarantine: The Double-Edged Sword That May Bleed Us All

Playing video games during quarantine is a great way to stave off quarantine blues. Play too much, though, and you may find yourself with other problems.