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Kurtz Law

Chief Operating Officer, JCE Japan Creative Enterprise

PhD Candidate, Bucharest University of Academic Studies
Mr. Law is a PhD candidate at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. His area of specialty focuses on robotics and AI in the future of work for human resources in Japanese organizations. Originally trained as a software engineer at the University of Kent at Canterbury, he later found his calling in education.

A strong believer in kaizen (continuous improvement), Mr. Law seeks to learn new ways to provide high value education and empower people to achieve their goals.
Tech & Innovation
APR 17, 2020

The Who, What, and Why of Robotic Process Automation

Software robots are taking over the grunt work, opening up new possibilities for human workers.

Global Japan
JUN 28, 2019

The Never-Ending Work Scenario: A New Spin on Japan’s Famous “Job for Life”

As Japan’s retirement age continues to climb, companies must innovate their HR operations to accommodate diverse special needs.

Tech & Innovation
MAY 18, 2018

The Potential Impact of Future IoT on Existing Cybercrime 

GLOBIS students investigated the risks and opportunities of IoT for Hitachi, with the collaboration of one of the company’s senior executives. This is some of the research conducted by those students.