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Kunihiko Shimada

Special Advisor to the Minister of Environment Japan / CEO, KS International Strategies, Inc.
Mr. Kunihiko Shimada is a globally-known negotiation strategist and professional mediator/moderator/facilitator.
He serves as CEO of KS International Strategies, Inc., consulting/advisory firm for public and private sectors on global affairs, including environment and energy issues.
He also serves as Special Adviser to the Minister of Environment and plays the role as a lead negotiator on climate change.
Prior to those, he served as Principal International Policy Coordinator and Negotiator at Ministry of the Environment and contributed to establish negotiation strategies for climate change and biodiversity negotiations, including his role as Executive Assistant to the President of COP10 (biodiversity) in Nagoya.
Before joining Japanese government, Shimada was a lead mediator for peace and security at the UN and mediated several cases, including Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
Currently, he appears on CNN, BBC and France 2 as a commentator on global affairs as well as provides professional training on negotiation skills and public speaking at various schools and firms.
Global Japan
JAN 17, 2014

Energy Security after Fukushima

By Yoriko Kawaguchi, Nicholas Smith, Nobuo Tanaka and Kunihiko Shimada. < Session Title > G1 Global Conference 2013 Breakout Panel Session I <B…