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Kazutomo (Kevin) Kawai

Global Human Resources Manager, Murata Electronics North America
Kazutomo (Kevin) Kawai, Global Human Resources Manager at Murata Electronics North America, Inc., is on a constant exploration on how to best build talent capabilities and reinvent people operations to help prepare his organization for the future of work. Kevin oversees talent operations and coordinates with the organization’s Headquarters Office in Japan on global business architecture, talent development, succession planning and organizational culture transformation. Prior to his current role, he was stationed in the Asia office of Murata Electronics in Singapore, where he helped develop the next generation of regional leaders. In his free time, Kevin enjoys fishing and watersports.
Career Success
JAN 26, 2018

One Pattern Doesn’t Fit All: Implementing Global HR Strategy at Murata

Good people are the essence of good companies. Every company is looking to find and retain good talent, which is even…