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Jose Fernandez Villasenor

COO, Biointeractive Technologies; GLOBIS MBA Graduate
Jose is a medical doctor, electrical engineer and MBA graduate who is passionate about learning, ideation and execution. He worked for 10 years in the electronics industry in different roles such as R&D, systems and applications engineering, product marketing and sales. He holds a masters degree in cosmetic medicine and his first solo venture was related to this area of medicine. His second venture is based in Silicon Valley and Vancouver with a great team of co-founders also with biomedical tech backgrounds, in the VR/AR & Healthcare industries. He loves Japanese culture and has been studying tea ceremony, calligraphy and ikebana for 6+ years.
Global Japan
DEC 3, 2018

New Generations of Entrepreneurs: From Tokyo to the World

Is Tokyo the next Silicon Valley? New policies by the Abe administration have led to more opportunities for entrepreneurs, including one-year startup…

Career Success
FEB 5, 2018

Successful Tech Startup in Silicon Valley: Jose Fernandez Villasenor

GLOBIS Alum Jose Fernandez Villasenor left Tokyo for Silicon Valley 2 years ago. Now, his biomedical tech startup has just been…