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Christophe Weber

President & CEO, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
In April 2015, Christophe Weber became President and CEO of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, after joining the company as Chief Operating Officer in April 2014.

Mr. Weber is a global business leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining Takeda, he spent 20 years at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in Europe, the US, and Emerging Markets. He held positions of increasing responsibility in Europe and then the USA as VP Competitive Excellence and Corporate Strategy before his appointment as Chairman and CEO of GSK France in 2003, where he maintained the profitability of GSK's largest European business.

He moved to Singapore in 2008, where he successfully restored revenue growth across 13 Asia Pacific countries. He returned to Europe in 2011 to continue his development as a global leader. He became a member of GSK headquarters’ Corporate Executive Team, and was appointed President & General Manager of GSK Vaccines and CEO of GSK Biologicals SA based in Belgium, where he had responsibility for GSK's entire global vaccines division.

Mr. Weber holds a Doctorate in pharmacy and pharmacokinetics, and earned a Master's degree in finance and pharmaceutical marketing from the University of Lyon.
Global Japan
MAR 17, 2016

Takeda’s Transformation and Global Leadership

Mr. Christophe Weber, President and CEO of Takeda, Japan’s largest pharmaceutical company, discusses how he is leading the transformation of this 234 year-old company into an agile, best-in-class global pharmaceutical company that puts patients at the center.