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Casey Wahl

Founder & CEO, Attuned

Founder & CEO, Wahl+Case
Mr. Wahl has been committed to improving the world of work for over a decade. In 2010, he founded Wahl+Case, taking on recruitment issues through tech on a global scale. Six years later, under the umbrella of parent company EQIQ, Casey launched Attuned, a SaaS platform that uses psychology and AI to make intrinsic motivations visible, helping managers communicate more effectively with their teams while reducing conflict, boosting productivity and engagement, and ultimately making work more meaningful.

Casey holds an MBA from IE Business School in Spain. He has authored two books of interviews with Japanese entrepreneurs: 未来をつくる起業家 (The Quiet Comeback) and its 2018 sequel, 未来をつくる起業家 vol 2. He also produced Japan’s first start-up-themed feature film, Startup Girls (2019) and is currently establishing craft whisky distillery Kamui Whisky on the remote island of Rishiri, near Hokkaido.
Global Japan
MAR 19, 2021

How to Solve Japan’s Gender Inequality Problem

Despite the progress that has been made, it’s clear that a lot more work still needs to be done if Japan is to achieve genuine gender equality.