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Akira Morio

GLOBIS Faculty
Mr. Morio was an M&A advisor at the Industrial Bank of Japan, Goldman Sachs from 1987 to 1994. After that, he worked for a major American manufacturer, where he was in charge of business development for the Asia-Pacific region.

He is also an accomplished author in the field of finance. His books (published in Japanese) include MBA Valuation, Kaisha no nedan (The Price of a Company), and Practical Essence of Valuation. He has also supervised NHK television dramas and the movie Hagetaka (Vulture).

Mr. Morio is a graduate of Harvard Law School's LLM Program and holds a master of laws.
Global Japan
FEB 5, 2021

Why NTT Is Dropping Trillions for the Last Piece of DOCOMO

NTT is spending millions to acquire the last piece of a subsidiary it already largely owns. Why would a company go to such trouble?

Career Success
JAN 15, 2021

It’s Time to Take the Shame out of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy has a stigma of shame…but should it? What does bankruptcy really mean for a company, and where do opportunities for recovery lie?