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Akiko Fujii

PR Officer, GLOBIS

Ms. Fujii is a PR officer at GLOBIS and an editor of the online magazine GLOBIS.JP. Prior to joining GLOBIS in 2009, she worked for Espace Magnan (a public culture center in Nice, France), where she was involved in film education and organizing events under a Japanese government overseas training program for artists. She also worked at a public digital media center in Kawaguchi. She is a calligraphy expert with the shihan rank.

Ms. Fujii received a BA in political science from Waseda University and completed her master’s degree in culture, policy, and management at City University in London.
Global Japan
MAR 29, 2013

Inside Japan 12: Susie Rucker 2/2

Dr. Adam Kassab, Professor of GLOBIS University in Tokyo, invites a variety of guests from around the world to discuss people, culture and business from an “Inside Japan” perspective. The twelfth guest is Ms. Susie Rucker, Rucker Nutrition.