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Tomoya Nakamura

Dean, GLOBIS University
At GLOBIS, Mr. Nakamura teaches subjects in leadership and conducts global training programs for corporate clients. Prior to GLOBIS, he worked at Marubeni Corporation. While seconded to Advantage Partners, he worked on the reorganization of invested companies. As a general manager of Fuji Machinery Mfg. & Electronics Corporation, he contributed to the rapid reorganization of the company. As senior managing director at Sun-Life Corporation, he introduced a progressive ESOP for more than 250 employees, including part-time workers.

Mr. Nakamura earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Hitotsubashi University.
Career Success
MAR 28, 2020

Special Message from the Dean of GLOBIS University about COVID-19

A special message from Dean Tomoya Nakamura about opportunities in the time of coronavirus

Career Success
MAY 31, 2019

What Is the Right Amount of Improvisation?

Improvisation is a key element of innovation and (even more importantly) leading a satisfying life in a changing age.

Global Japan
DEC 21, 2018

From Japanese Tradition to Business Inspiration: Lessons from 400 Years of Classical Dance

Three generations of leaders from the Nishikawa-ryu dance troupe shared their insights on how they simultaneously innovate their performances while…

Career Success
AUG 1, 2018

The Path of Your Personal Mission (2)

Imagine kokorozashi as an enjoyable life goal—a passion that occupies your thoughts on the weekend and makes you excited to…

Career Success
JUL 30, 2018

The Path of Your Personal Mission (1)

At GLOBIS University, we encourage students to focus on personal development—the internal and external, hard skills in parallel with soft…

Global Japan
JAN 15, 2018

Beyond the Paradox: Understanding the Secrets of Japanese Business

Business in Japan has a tendency to baffle outsiders, but there is much to be learned from Japanese leadership, business models, decision making, and social constructs.

by GLOBIS Insights Staff
Career Success
AUG 10, 2017

Taking a Break? Three Books to Read on Your Summer Vacation

In Japan, the Obon summer vacation is starting, beginning with Mountain Day on August 11. Here are three books to…

Career Success
FEB 1, 2017

Think Like Toyota: Who Is Your CEO’s Boss?

Put yourself in your boss’s boss’s shoes to open your mind, change your company’s culture, and maximize the value of human resources.

Career Success
OCT 21, 2016

Gratitude: The Secret Weapon for True Global Leadership

I naively used to think of successful global leaders as “superhuman” leaders of international organizations—experts on international affairs who spoke…

Career Success
DEC 9, 2015

Leveraging Diversity (to stay fit in a fast-changing world)

How does an individual build his/her career, or an organization thrive in this fast-changing world that is highly globalized and volatile? According to Takashi Hata, the Management Committee Chairman of Affiliate Companies who previously headed Nissan’s emerging markets – Africa, the Middle East and India – an ability to leverage diversity is the key.