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MBA Essentials
SEP 29, 2020

The Quick and Painless MBA Insights Quiz, Part 2: Step Right Up!

By Melissa McIvor

Steve Jobs may not have had an MBA (or even a college degree), but you know who does? Tim Cook, the guy who’s been running the show at Apple since 2011.

There’s a lot of debate about the value of an MBA in today’s changing business world. Careers aren’t what they used to be. Forces beyond our control have made alternative working options the norm. Many startups are more focused on social impact than profit margins. In such an environment, is it really better to learn through case studies and classrooms, or is trial and error more effective?

Whatever you think about the degree itself, the skills acquired from an MBA are useful well beyond the business world. Critical thinking can help you become a better planner. Finance and accounting tools can help you budget better. Organizational behavior frameworks can help you understand the people around you—even family and friends.

How’s your knowledge of these skills? Take this quiz to test your know-how!

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