Yoshito Hori speaks about leadership lessons with enthusiasm in a suit and tie

I took a sauna at my mountain lodge, and went outside, with only the lower half of my body covered with a towel. I walked out of the lodge to bathe in cool air, instead of cold water. Trees surrounded the lodge in the gathering dusk. A mountain peak was slightly visible in the distance. Remnants of snow on the trees and the white color of white birch trunks stood out against the backdrop of a moonless night.
Feeling a splash on my feet, I look down. Drops of water were dripping from icicles. They were hitting the ground and splashing on my feet. Inadvertently, I closed my eyes.

A strong feeling of appreciation welled up inside me. This mountain lodge was built about eight years ago. It was completed on my 40th birthday. I had only three children at that point. Now I have five. I went snowboarding from the morning today. My wife and children enjoyed skiing.

“This is a birthday present for my family and me. This is a result of my hard work.” Those were the thoughts I had on my 40th birthday. Today, I look at the lodge in a completely different way. I think, “This mountain lodge as well as other physical things and my family are gifts from society.” The more I feel that way, the more I think that I must give something back.

I’ve lived my life always asking myself what I can do for society. I’ve reflected on that question and written these columns I call “Views.” I’ve educated the people that society needs with my colleagues at GLOBIS. I’ve tried to produce industries and companies that create value through venture capital.

In my capacity as an individual, I’ve written three books: My Personal Mission Statement, The Six Dimensions of Life and Dear Visionary Leaders Who Create and Innovate the Society, and expressed my opinions at international conferences around the world. In recent years, I’ve also started setting up forums so that many friends and like-minded people can think about what we can do for the society.

Am I contributing sufficiently to society? What else should I do? I’d like to continue to ask myself these questions.

February 14, 2010
Yoshito Hori
Written at my mountain lodge

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