Jane Harman speaks at GLOBIS University for G1 2018.

The 8th G1 Global Conference was held on Sunday, October 14, 2018, at the GLOBIS Tokyo campus. 
Participants came from around the globe to discuss the theme “Connecting a Fractured World.”

We opened with the understanding of changes happening in the liberal world order, including Japan’s leading roles as a legal shaper and stabilizer. As the day went on, we learned more about how deep today’s global fractures really are in East Asia, American society, global trade, and technology. 

From there, we started to uncover how Japan can contribute, from tourism to Abenomics, from creative cities to supporting young entrepreneurs. We saw how technology can be used as an opportunity in labor productivity and fintech. We learned about the omotenashi mindset and how to create a lasting, inclusive impact. Finally, we wrapped up by discussing actions we can take to make our own connections.

Our vision for G1 has always been “Group of One, Globe is One.” We seek to create a multi-stakeholder forum in which people can share and learn from each other through dialogue in order to make a better Japan and a better world. 

The discussions were all refreshing, open, and worthwhile for the future. You can see videos of the G1 Global sessions on GLOBIS Insights in the coming weeks. We will announce each video’s release on TwitterLinkedin​, and Facebook. On social media, check out the hashtag #G1Global.

In the meantime, here are some photos of the G1 Global conference! 

Opening Session

9:00 sharp on Sunday, October 14, 2018
The G1 Global Conference 2018 begins! I gave the opening speech. This year’s theme was Connecting a Fractured World.

#1 Plenary Session
Japan’s Role in Connecting a Fractured World

Heizo Takenaka (Professor Emeritus, Keio University; Professor, Toyo University)
Hiromichi Mizuno (Executive Managing Director, CIO, GPIF)
Jane Harman (Director, President, and CEO, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars)
Yoichi Funabashi (Co-founder and Chairman, Asia Pacific Initiative)

#2 Breakout Session A 
Asian Geopolitics: North Korea and How to Achieve Regional Stability

Ken Jimbo (Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University)
Dong Wang (Professor, School of International Studies, Peking University)
Narendra Taneja (Energy Expert and Spokesperson, Indian BJP) 
Chiew-Ping Hoo (Senior Lecturer, International Relations Program, National University of Malaysia)

#2 Breakout Session B
Implementing Abenomics: Unfinished Business?

Jesper Koll (CEO, Wisdom Tree Japan KK)
Heizo Takenaka (Professor Emeritus, Keio University, Professor, Toyo University)
Joanna Pitman (Director, Baillie Gifford Japan Trust)
Leo Lewis (Tokyo Correspondent, Financial Times)
Kent Calder (Vice Dean, Faculty Affairs and International Research Cooperation, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University)

#2 Breakout Session C
Can Inbound Tourism Boost Japan’s Economy?

Takashi Mitachi (Senior Advisor, The Boston Consulting Group)
Fumiko Kato (CEO, WAmazing Inc.)
Ross Findlay (Managing Director, NAC Niseko Adventure Centre)
Terrie Lloyd (CEO, Japan Travel KK)

#3 Breakout Session A
Social and Political Fractures in America: Wounds, Remedies, and Scars

Abigail Friedman (Founder and CEO, The Wisteria Group)
Glen S. Fukushima (Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress)
Alyce Johnson (Manager of Staff Diversity & Inclusion/Interim Institute Community Equity Officer, MIT)
Hannah Bauman (Deputy Director of Policy, Green New Deal Project, New Consensus) 
Mark R. Kennedy (President, University of North Dakota)

#3 Breakout Session B
The Future of Work: Labor, Innovation, and Productivity

Robert Alan Feldman (Senior Advisor, Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities; Professor, Tokyo University of Science)
Nobuko Nagase (Professor of Labor Economics and Social Policy, Ochanomizu University)
Soichiro Minami (CEO, Bizreach)
Daniel P. Ahn (Professorial Lecturer, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies)

#3 Breakout Session C
Creative Cities 2.0: Not Just Livable, But Fun

Tak Umezawa (Japan Chairman and Partner, A.T. Kearney)
Chiaki Hayashi (Co-founder, Loftwork Inc.)
Jeremy Pelley (Co-founder and Creative Director, OMFGCO)
Toshiko Mori (Founder CEO, Toshiko Mori Architect PLLC; Professor, Harvard University) 

Lunch Workshops on “Connecting a Fractured World”

Participants discussed the conference theme over bento lunches!

#4 Breakout Session A
Preventing a Global Trade War: Is It Too Late?

Yumiko Murakami (Head, OECD Tokyo Centre)
Shigehiro Tanaka (Director-General, Trade Policy Bureau, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Maoliang Bu (Profesor, Nanjing University)
Mark R. Kennedy (President, University of North Dakota)
Marjut Hannonen (Head of the Trade Section, Delegation of the European Union to Japan)

#4 Breakout Session B
Fintech: What’s New in Innovation in Finance

Makoto Takano (CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Forbes JAPAN)
Mamoru Taniya (Chairman and CEO, Asuka Holdings Inc.)
Judy Marlinski (President, Fidelity Institutional Asset Management®)
Denes Ban (General Partner, MD Asia, OurCrowd Ltd)

#4 Breakout Session C
Beyond Omotenashi? How to Showcase Japan to the World

Ross Rowbury (President, Edelman Japan KK)
Martin Newman (CEO, The Leadership Council) 
Masi Oka (Actor/Writer/Producer, Mobius Productions)
Naho Shigeta (Founder & CEO, INFOBRIDGE Marketing & Promotions Co., Ltd.)
Stefan Wagstyl (Journalist, Financial Times/Nikkei)

#5 Breakout Session A
Tech Cold War: Opportunities and Challenges in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Makiko Eda (Chief Representative Officer, Japan, Member of the Executive Committee, Tokyo Office, World Economic Forum Tokyo)
Joshua Walker (Global Head of Strategic Initiatives and Japan, Office of the President of Eurasia Group)
Yoichi Funabashi (Co-founder and Chairman, Asia Pacific Initiative)
James Jian Ding (Managing Director, GSR Ventures)

#5 Breakout Session B
New Generations of Entrepreneurs: From Tokyo to the World

Emre Yuasa (Principal, GLOBIS Capital Partners)
Jordan Fisher (Co-founder and CEO, Zehitomo Inc.)
Jose Fernandez Villasenor (COO, Biointeractive Technologies)
Christopher Ax (Founder & CEO, Schmatz)

#5 Breakout Session C
Inclusive Growth and Sustainability: How to Create a Lasting Impact

Pallavi Aiyar (Freelance Journalist)
Lin Kobayashi (Chair of the Board, UWC ISAK Japan)
Sachiko Kuno (Co-Founder and President, S&R Foundation)
Peter Morgan (Senior Consulting Economist, Co-chair of Research, Asian Development Bank Institute 

#6 Plenary Session
Japan in 2030: Actions for a More Connected World

Jesper Koll (CEO, Wisdom Tree Japan KK)
Sachiko Kuno (Co-Founder and President, S&R Foundation)
Hiromichi Mizuno (Executive Managing Director, CIO, GPIF)
Tom Kelley (Partner, IDEO)

Closing Session

In closing, our Advisory Board shared some of things they learned at G1 Global this year.


At the afterparty, we all gathered to network and enjoy the evening in a Japanese festival atmosphere. First we broke the sake barrel with hammers, a tradition known as kagami biraki. Then we enjoyed the special DASSAI sake!

Then we enjoyed taiko drumming from the group Sukeroku Daiko!

I hope everyone had a great time!

The name G1 stands for “Group of One, Globe is One.” Our G1 network continues to grow as we strive to make the world a better place.

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