Last year’s Brexit vote in June seemed to widen a crack in the foundation of the EU, beginning with the economic bailout of Greece and other countries. Populism seemed to be replacing regionalism, and social divides seemed to be growing. Immigration and the free movement of labor remains a contentious issue, especially for businesses seeking to hire and retain the best talent. Meanwhile, the frequency of terrorism seems to be increasing. Despite this, is the EU on the rebound? Elections in the Netherlands and France seem to slow or even reverse the trend, and Germany will have elections right after this conference. How will Europe change, if at all? Is national populism replacing regionalism? What about relations with Asia, especially Japan? Representatives of France, Germany and the UK discuss the developments in this recently “volatile” region and what could be done to help it return to its traditional post-WWII stability.

Sept 18, 2017. G1 Global Conference.

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