The 5th G1 Summit concluded very successfully. We have had responses from people of all walks of life. Here’s just a few.

Participant Tweets

As always, the event was very fruitful. Thank you. I will contribute what little I can to help change the landscape.
Ross Rowbury (President and CEO, Edelman Japan)

Thank you, Hori-san for the G1 Summit. I have a sure sense that the event, now in its fifth year, has provided significant momentum for change in Japan. For instance, the outcome of the issue concerning online sales of drugs might have been different if not for the support of G1 members.
Genri Goto (President and CEO, Kenko.com)

The 5th Summit ended, and I started home with other participants. I was not only stimulated by the ever stronger emphasis on action over mere proposals, but―having attended the event almost in full for the first time―I was also genuinely struck by the strong sense of community that seemed to transcend age, fields, and positions. On the homeward bus I renewed my awareness of the fact, which I learned from Hori-san, that this community puts in a lot of behind-the-scenes work and consideration into the event. Thank you Hori-san and the secretariat staff for the immaculate operation, and to Hoshino Resort staff, for the attention to detail that went into my comfortable stay.
Lin Kobayashi (Chair of the Board, Foundation for the International School of Asia, Karuizawa)

The G1 Summit has closed. I have participated in this Summit since the first event, but this year’s meeting felt particularly strong in that proposal after proposal was made that directly linked to actions, and various forms of co-creation took shape both within and outside the sessions. This is due I think to the fact that the platform is based on trust. Thank you Hori-san and members of the advisory board.
Etsuko Okajima (President and CEO, ProNova Inc.)

The G1 Summit concluded successfully thanks to the tremendous efforts of Hori-san, Hoshino-san and the many staff members. Thank you all very much. The event inspired me. So far I’ve attended all five summits, and I am very pleased with the five-star tote bag.
Noriyuki Yanagawa (Professor, Tokyo University Graduate School of Economics)

Although it’s not uncommon for events of this kind to dwindle, this one is proving very successful as it has kept growing five years on. Thank you, GLOBIS.
Naoko Banno (CEO, NonStress, Inc.)

Compared with the previous two G1 Summits, I felt more comfortable during this summit about making medical remarks. I think this is due to the increase of supportive people, and also because participants have gained further in caliber. I was motivated to encourage this trait further. I think Hori-san’s undertaking is truly wonderful.
Yuji Yamamoto (Office of Medical Innovation, Cabinet Secretariat of the Japanese Government)

Just returned from the G1 Summit at Urabandai, Fukushima Prefecture. It was a very full three days, and made me keenly aware of the importance of being aware of diversity as well as of the roles assigned to individuals, and of working in partnership with trustworthy, likeminded people.
Shinji Isshiki (Representative Director, Yoyogigakuen Inc.)

Attending the G1 Summit enabled me to meet many leaders who are seriously concerned about Japan. The three days gave me plenty of food for thought. I wish to thank Hori-san and other organizers for inviting me.
Ryo Kubota (Chairman, President and CEO, Acucela Inc.)

The G1 Summit was such fun! I became even more convinced about the importance of transgressing boundaries, and having enough expertise to introduce others to your field when you actually do cross boundaries. The more border transgressions you take part in, the more likely you are to be asked “who are you?” Thank you for the wonderful time. Oh, and seeing how unconventional Hori-san is made me less scared about getting old. He was remarkable both during the main sessions, and after hours, in different ways. His energy sucks people in and connects them, so to speak. I tremendously enjoyed sharing this time and place.
Noritoshi Furuichi (Sociologist)

Again, the G1 Summit proved very stimulating in many ways.
Dai Tamesue (400-m hurdler; President, Athlete Society)

I took part in the 5th G1 Summit as an advisory board member. It is very rewarding to see excited tweets being posted by participants, one after another.
Sakie Akiyama (Founder and CEO, Saki Corporation)

During the lecture held for accompanying children of G1 Summit participants, I was impressed by how well-behaved and attentive the children were. A majority of them expressed a desire to play active global roles in the future. They motivated and energized us grown-ups.
Kotaro Tamura (Senior Fellow, Rand Corporation; former member of the House of Councilors)

After exchanging business cards at the G1 Summit, I received an email with the subject line “Tsunku ♂.” “You’re an amazingly good speaker. I look forward to seeing you again,” it said. Last year’s Summit was attended by Ms. Junko Mihara, who infatuated all of our more senior participants, but this year’s stage performance was arguably more of a treat for our generation.
Daisuke Iwase (Co-Founder and Representative Director, Lifenet Insurance Company)

Speakers, participants, agenda, hospitable service: the G1 Summit was wonderful in every respect. But the Summit’s tour-de-force is the deepening network among regular participants, and the energy and real actions produced by such networks. Thank you.
Yoshihiko Takubo (Dean, Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University)

The G1 Summit was full of passionate people. That’s what impressed me most. I am described as passionate by others too; I became like that four years ago. As I went through a recall, reelection and 2.1 billion yen lawsuit by citizens over the issue of privatizing a municipal hospital, I think I discarded my former, dryer self, because matters such as life and health were at stake.
Keisuke Hiwatashi (Mayor of Takeo City)

Messages from Participants

Congratulations on a fantastic G1 Summit!  I was extremely impressed with the quality of speakers, participants, and discussion.  As I was leaving the hotel this afternoon, I felt energized and optimistic that perhaps the people you gathered will actually be able to change Japan for the better.
Glen S. Fukushima(Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress)

Excellent venue and exciting participants; I wish I could spend more time at the G1 Summit but it was an honor to have participated, albeit briefly. I just want to say how thankful I am for the opportunity.
Yoko Ishikura (Professor, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University)

This was my second G1 Summit and I sincerely appreciate being able to participate. Although it was the first time I had met most of the participants, everyone was friendly and supportive, even to relative newcomers like me. A warm personality seems to be a trait of G1 Summit participants, most probably because they have gathered to improve the country, which perhaps distinguishes the G1 Summit from a lot of other business forums. As I watched the Action Statement being adopted at the end of the Summit, I keenly felt that I must contribute in action, rather than merely admiring and learning from those who do take action.
Daisuke Yanasawa (CEO, KAYAC Inc.)

The G1 Summit turned out to be a much more substantial and stimulating three days than I had ever expected. Both my wife and I are extremely grateful for the opportunity to be part of it. This time I was on the receiving end of inspiration, but I renewed my motivation to keep working so that I can contribute in action.
Koji Isozumi (Deputy Head, Policy and Coordination Division, Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of the Environment)

This year’s G1 Summit was no exception in that it offered plenty of inspiration and opportunities to meet people, not only for my husband but also for accompanying family members. We appreciate that very much. My husband has taken an early train to Kyoto on business this morning, but sends his heartfelt thanks. Each year I feel more focused and renewed after the G1 Summit, as if we are starting a brand new year.
Rie Yamada

Thank you for the hospitality and for the valuable opportunity. I hope the audience enjoyed the live charity performance, because a lot of preparation went into it, and I also hope the work fetched a good bid. I look forward to working with you again.
Shishu (Calligraphy artist)

I must commend you on the hard work and congratulate you on a successful G1 Summit! I feel that the event, now in its fifth year, has grown yearly in stature and influence. True to the Japanese proverb “keizoku wa chikara nari” (lit. perseverance pays off), Hori-san’s perseverance and ability to put things into practice is truly admirable. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help or cooperate. Thank you very much.
Yuri Okina (Counselor, The Japan Research Institute)

I was moved by the spectacular success of the G1 Summit. I truly felt motivated to change the world and Japan in partnership with those who were present. Thank you.
Shin Maeda (Representative Director, Nippon Television City Corporation)

Thanks for the hard work that went into the G1 Summit. I was amazed that it was so well attended, and by such a high caliber of participants. This is due in great part to the magnetism and connections of Hori-san, I guess. My best regards also to the excellent and hard-working staff members.
Taeko Yamazaki (Chair, Yamatane Art Foundation; Director, Yamatane Museum of Art)

Thank you for another wonderful opportunity. I think the event is becoming more powerful, year after year. Acquaintances who participated for the first time are equally impressed. I am already looking forward to the next Summit. I will discuss with my team mates how to best put the Action Statement into practice right away.
Takaaki Umezawa (Managing Director, A.T. Kearney K.K.; Director of the Board, A.T. Kearney)

Thank you for having me at the G1 Summit. The much talked-about event far exceeded my anticipations: I met many like-minded people and gained inspiration from them. I am now convinced that once they set their minds to it, these people are perfectly capable of transforming Japan. I look forward to participating in future summits as well, and also look forward to getting involved in new G1 media activities.
Waichi Sekiguchi (Senior Staff Writer, Business News Department and Editorial Writer, Nikkei Newspaper)

Thank you very much for a truly wonderful forum. Continuation surely leads to geometric gains in effect.
Takashi Mitachi (Co-Chairman Japan, The Boston Consulting Group)

I participated for the first time. It was an inspiring, stimulating three days. Thank you for the wonderful time. I felt the perseverance and dedication of the people involved creating a powerful, expanding current. As those in positions like mine (middle manager of a large company) do not frequently come across opportunities such as this, I had a lot to learn from the event. Motivated to convey the forum’s spirit to others, I immediately shared some of the lessons with my staff. Please take good care of yourselves amid your busy schedules, and accept my best wishes for the Summit’s further success and growth. Thank you.
Yumiko Kamada (General Manager, Regional Revitalization Division, Life-Style Business Development Headquarters, East Japan Railway Company)

I commend all the hard work involved in the G1 Summit. I participated for the first time, and found the three days extremely stimulating and fruitful, as I have already mentioned. I look forward to taking part again next year. Thank you very much.
Makoto Takano (President, PIMCO Japan Ltd.)

Congratulations on the success of the 5th G1 Summit. With the number of participants growing, I think the event has gained further in energy. Many of the participants are already or about to become leading figures in their respective fields, and I am hopeful that they will go on to change the future of Japan so that the country successfully adapts to the coming age. Now is the time for action. I wish you every success in your endeavors.
Keiji Tachikawa (President, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

As in previous years I had an excellent time: I was inspired in many ways and made new connections. Thank you! The event motivated me to make constant efforts to improve myself, so that I can quickly grow into someone capable of discussing issues that affect society and Japan. I look forward to your continued guidance and friendship.
Ryoichi Nishizawa (CEO, Neo Career Co., Ltd.)

This was my third Summit, and I feel that the event is becoming more successful each year. It is a truly impressive forum, with fascinating participants from all kinds of fields.
Shinichiro Tomitaka (Psychiatrist, Panasonic Health Care Center)

Thank you for having me again. I have nothing but sheer admiration for Hori-san’s passion, which seems to grow stronger year after year. Although it was quite unexpected, I am looking forward to acting on the request to provide advice on the topic of diversity by the next Summit. I gather the organizers also have a G1 Venture as well as a G1 New Leaders Summit
meeting in the pipeline this year, so I am hopeful that we will have several chances to meet again before the next G1 Summit.
Yuki Naito (President and Representative Director, Drecom Co., Ltd.)

Thank you for the recent G1 Summit. I am grateful that you have included current government officials, and that I was chosen as one from the many in Kasumigaseki. Thank you again for the privilege.
Yojiro Uchino (Head of Government Shareholding Office, National Property Policy Planning and Legal Division, The Ministry of Finance)

I attended the G1 Summit for the first time and found the experience extremely valuable. Thank you. I had never before experienced an event that had made me think so intensively about Japan within such a short period of time.
      We are lucky to find one out of 10 news stories in foreign newspapers and other media that mention Japan at all. The same applies to Davos. As such, I think a forum to thoroughly discuss Japan’s issues is truly valuable. G1 is unique in that it allows us to express candid opinions instead of decorum, based on an understanding of both the strengths and weaknesses of Japan. I would also like to add that senior participants were extremely generous and kind to younger participants like me. I am thankful that the organizers devised and realized such a positive, constructive forum. I am only 31, the same age as Koizumi-san, but I am looking forward to working hard, so that I can participate again next year and beyond.
Gen Miyazawa (Project Manager, Marketing Solution Company, Yahoo! Japan)

Thank you sincerely. Hori-san has made G1 a truly successful forum, and I am sure of its further growth. I really feel that Hori-san has found a true calling in G1, which no one else is capable of doing, and that it is a very meaningful undertaking for both Japan and the world. I appreciate the gargantuan task involved in putting the Summit together, but hope you’ll take good care of yourself and keep up the excellent work for Japan and the world. Thank you.
Mamoru Taniya (CEO, Asuka Asset Management Co., Ltd.)

I found it very fruitful participating in the Summit as well as the G1 Executive Conference. Unlike many IT venture forums, the Summit offered plenty of intellectual stimulation and observations based on deep insight, which was exciting but at the same time made me aware of my own shortcomings in terms of experience and capacity. I guess I have a long way to go!
Takayuki Hoshuyama (CEO, D2C Inc.)

Thank you for letting me be part of a truly, truly wonderful G1 Summit! As I mentioned in my tweet, by learning on the homeward bus about some of the behind-the-scenes episodes of the Forum, I was able to renew my awareness of the enormous amount of hard work and consideration that goes into realizing it. I am truly grateful for the efforts!
Lin Kobayashi (Chair of the Board, Foundation for International School of Asia, Karuizawa)

Thanks again for the time in Nekoma. It was the best G1 ever.
Daisuke Iwase (Co-Founder and Representative Director, Lifenet Insurance Company)

Participant Blogs (in English)

Blog by Yoko Ishikura (Professor, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University)

Participant Blogs (in Japanese)

Kumi Fujisawa (President, Think Tank SophiaBank)
“I truly felt that regional communities can lead change in Japan. I participated in the G1 Summit from February 9 to 11. It was the fifth annual event, and took place at Nekoma ski resort in Urabandai, Fukushima Prefecture.”

Minako Kambara
Blog entry titled “The 5th G1 Summit” in “minako’s blog,” by president and CEO of internet PR firm News2u and Pensees Inc.

Blog entry titled “G1 Summit 2013” written by Noboru Hachimine, CEO of OPT Inc.

Blog by Akira Morikawa, CEO of NHN Japan.
(Thank you for mentioning the G1 in your very first blog entry!)

Shinji Isshiki (Representative Director, Yoyogigakuen)
Blog entry titled “Energized after participating in the G1 Summit” from a blog titled “Blog of an Audacious Principal of a ‘Venture’ High School”

Blog by Kota Matsuda (Member of the House of Councilors)

Blog by Eikei Suzuki (Governor of Mie Prefecture)

Viewer tweets, etc.

“I hope the G1 Action Statement becomes widely shared by the public. In addition to the Statement, I found the live feed of each G1 session, broadcast on GLOBIS.TV, very informative in terms of approach and attitude toward issues. The quality is probably due to the excellent choice of speakers: remarks and discussions by leaders with a positive outlook definitely create a positive cycle. I hope to be like that, too.”

“The G1 Summit 2013 was very exciting. I agree that matters like space science and space development need to look at least as long-term as 30 years ahead, rather than create five-year plans based on a 10-year projection as we are currently doing. This is crucial also for R&D and human capacity building.”

“I watched all four days on Twitter and GLOBIS.TV. Thank you, participants and organizers. From an anonymous comrade.”

Please look out for next year’s G1 Summit!

In addition to the G1 Summit, we have on our agenda a G1 KIBOW Charity Dinner, G1 New Leaders Summit, and G1 Global meetings, as well as a G1 Executive Conference.

The goal of these events is to leave Japan in good shape for our children. We are determined to work vigorously toward this goal, upholding the spirits of “propose not criticize,” “put ideas into action” and “maintain self-awareness as a leader.”

I wish to thank everyone for their help, and look forward to your continued support.

February 21, 2013
At my home in Ichibancho, Tokyo
Yoshito Hori