G1 Global 2016 Breakout Session 1: [Business] “Unthinkable Politics, Disruptive Innovation, Incredible Opportunities -A Call to Action For Private Sector Leaders and Entrepreneurs”

The breakdown of longstanding political certainties — nativist populism and anti-globalization leading to Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump, declining American trans-Pacific economic and military power — is coinciding with ever accelerating technological progress. At the macro level, the immediate result is growing uncertainty, spikes in financial market volatility, and fears of social unrest. The future has become uncertain and less predictable. Private leaders are forced to radically rethink established business models and corporate strategies: perhaps only the paranoid will survive.

The good news is that the current age of uncertainty coincides with an age of unprecedented empowerment and possibilities. The tools available to achieve innovation, creativity and sustainability have never been more accessible or as effective. With an understanding of the political disruptions and potential opportunities, this panel explores ways to develop responsible leadership and take private sector initiatives. For business, Thinking the Unthinkable is not about just surviving through the uncertainties but creating a better future for enterprise and society.