Japan has chased offshoring (the shifting of corporate functions and jobs to overseas territories) in earnest during the past decade. The pace of its offshoring seems to be accelerating and, with it, the intensity of debate about its benefits and harms.

Opponents claim the loss of jobs in Japan to cheaper labor in China, Malaysia, India, and other Asian neighbors is damaging the Japanese economy. There are many reasons cited: sloppy service, substandard quality, poor safety, the transformation of a supplier into a competitor, and the inability to retrain highly educated domestic workers who have been displaced.

On the other hand, advocates claim that the shifting of jobs from offshoring does not necessarily yield jobs to a foreign supplier. Moreover, when jobs are given to a foreign supplier, advocates argue that the supplier has been chosen because it is more efficient, thereby allowing the domestic company to use capital more efficiently for higher value-added work. Corporate functions of the back-office are typically the focus of offshoring and outsourcing: IT software development, help desks, accounting, and clerical jobs. Economists claim that this contributes positively to the domestic economy by increasing the need for a more skilled and educated workforce.

Follow the journeys of Mr. Edward Hall and Mr. Houston Ross in an attempt to sift hyperbole from fact. As COO and CIO of a major consumer products company and financial institution, respectively, they have comprehensively restructured their Japanese companies using outsourcing and offshoring to China, Malaysia and India. Take this opportunity to listen and debate at the front lines and bust the myths around outsourcing and offshoring!

Whether you are an office worker, entrepreneur, student, or potential investor in Japan, you’re sure to find this talk enlightening.

Title: GLOBIS Talks: “Outsourcing and Offshoring Strategies for Japan: Find the right path for you and your business”

Speakers: Dr. Mark Lee Ford, President and Board Director of The Moneo Company, Edward Hall, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Amway Japan, G.K., Houston Ross, Vice President, Chief Information Officer at ING Life Insurance, Ltd Japan

Time and Date: 19:00-21:00, Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Venue: GLOBIS University, Tokyo, Japan

Duration: 1:06:25

Language: English

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