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Digital Marketing Psychology to Transform Your Business

How does digital marketing really differ from traditional marketing? How is social media changing things really? And what's going on in Asia?

In recent years, the ever-increasing digitization of business has completely overhauled the marketing industry. While the underlying goals of most marketing efforts remain unchanged, processes have become both more complex and more precise—and ultimately more demanding. Indeed, modern marketing goes far beyond advertising and creative ideas. Today, it also involves the use of data science and analytics which require extensive training and expertise.

This is particularly true for new startups and small businesses which are coming into existence in the digital age and depending on innovative and effective marketing strategies in order to establish themselves.

East Asia is a clear example of this. In a detailed examination of world internet statistics, The Next Web revealed that Asia-Pacific accounts for 55% of annual growth in internet use, making it all but inevitable that the area would teem with new and expanding online businesses. Some of these businesses are massive eCommerce companies like Grab (a Singapore-based ride-sharing company) and Gojek (a multi-faceted Indonesian tech company), introduced early in the 2010s but seeing more business and investment now thanks to broadening internet access.

Because of increasingly heavy reliance on the internet, companies in East Asia are feeling pressure to develop robust digital marketing strategies to both establish themselves and stay competitive in their respective industries. Ayima details some of the specific efforts that can drive effective digital outreach for businesses in Asia, which include things like incorporating machine learning and big data to help understand audience behavior and the effectiveness of content. Processes like these have already helped companies like Chinese retailer expand their reach, and as more Asian businesses begin to act similarly–leveraging existing data to create models and strategies that can be implemented for marketing purposes–the job market comes into play. While it’s best to trust experts in digital marketing with analysis and strategy, digital businesses in Asia’s booming market will likely have increasing need of content producers, link and outreach specialists, and the like.

Digital Marketing Psychology to Transform Your Business

How does digital marketing really differ from traditional marketing? How is social media changing things really? And what's going on in Asia?

More simply, they’ll need internal workers who can implement new strategies.

As Tech Collective pointed out, Southeast Asia is seeing exponential growth in digital ad spend. The bulk of this isn’t necessarily occurring on behalf of new digital companies, but it does further emphasize the need for emerging businesses throughout the area to drive the expansion of their brands. There are bound to be more work opportunities coming about as a result. While companies will often rely on experts to drive ad strategy–and sometimes ad production–there will surely be openings for internal creatives and digital ad strategists. It’s difficult to know from the outside exactly how individual companies are dividing work in these areas, but we know that internet-oriented companies, such as ByteDance and Tencent, are practicing robust digital marketing and benefiting directly from it.

From digital marketing and advertising companies in need of data analysts and content strategists to startups and small businesses looking to their own employees to help with new outreach efforts, there’s virtually unlimited work to be done. The people who do that work are going to comprise a significant portion of the near-future East Asian workforce.

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