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Managerial Accounting

Managerial accounting is a powerful way to measure progress, identify problems, and meet your goals. Check out this course to learn how data-backed decisions can help you run your business.

Finance Basics: 1

For a healthy mix of quantitative planning, evaluation, and management, you need solid decision-making. And finance is the secret sauce! Get the essentials of finance in this two-part course from GLOBIS Unlimited.

Basic Accounting: Financial Analysis

Want to compare your performance vs. a competitor? Or evaluate a potential vendor? Then you'll need to conduct a financial analysis. This course will teach you how to use three financial statements and evaluate financial performance in terms of profitability, efficiency, soundness, growth, and overall strength.

Career Anchors

What drives you to be good at your job?

Career anchors are based on your values, desires, motivations, and abilities. They are the immovable parts of your professional self-image that guide you throughout your career journey.

Try this short GLOBIS Unlimited course to identify which of the eight career anchors is yours!

Digital Marketing Psychology to Transform Your Business

How does digital marketing really differ from traditional marketing? How is social media changing things really? And what's going on in Asia?

Pyramid Structure

Having the pyramid structure in your communication toolkit can not only help you approach a problem, but convince others that your solution is valid. Break away from linear thinking and test your logical thinking with this course from GLOBIS Unlimited!

Leadership with Passion through Kokorozashi

The key ingredient to success? Passion.

Finding your kokorozashi will unify your passions and skills to create positive change in society. This GLOBIS Unlimited course will help you develop the values and lifelong goals you need to become a strong, passion-driven leader.

AI First Companies – Implementation and Impact

AI is changing the way companies operate. How do you structure teams to increase efficiency?

Technovate in the Era of Industry 4.0

Is Industry 4.0 is the next step of human evolution human civilization? Dr. Jorge Calvo seems to think so. Join him to learn how the past can help you set goals for an exciting future of digital innovation.

Technovate Thinking

Business leaders of tomorrow need to harness the power of technology and innovation. That means understanding algorithms and how they drive business results. Discover opportunities to make technology work for your competitive edge.

Product Life Cycle

Every product takes a natural course through the market—there's a how, when, and why customers adopt products at different stages. Check out this course from GLOBIS Unlimited to find out how a product you use every day is part of this cycle.

Logic Tree

Logical thinking is the most valuable asset any business professional can have. That's why logic trees are such a valuable tool—they can help you identify a problem, break it down, and build it back up to a solution.

MECE Principle

Using the MECE principle can help ensure you categorize without gaps or overlaps. Check out this course from GLOBIS Unlimited for a practical demonstration of how it works!

The Great Resignation is upon us!

For better or worse, COVID-19 upended the global sense of work-life balance. Whether you’re finding new ways to expand your skills, reevaluating the meaning of “management,” or giving serious thought to life as a digital working nomad, one thing’s for sure: the way we think about work will never be quite the same.

If you’re one of the millions of people across the world who have (or plan to) quit their jobs for brighter horizons, make sure you’re doing it right. However confident you are, job hunting has always been a stressful endeavor. Now that there’s suddenly exponential competition, you might feel like you need to hone those specialized skills to really stand out. By all means, be ready to offer something unique—but don’t forget the basics.

It’s not enough to dust off your old resume from 10 years ago, or even just top it off with your latest role. Some of the tried-and-true wisdom you relied on the last time you were job hunting (whether that was a year ago or ten years ago) may no longer be applicable. You might even be setting yourself up to fall for some common pitfalls and myths that recruiters will see as red flags.

To really succeed in job hunting and avoid a lateral move, you’ll need to really stand out. Recruiters and hiring managers need to see you. They need to take an interest. They need to be intrigued by who you are on paper and enjoy talking to you in person. You know you’re right for the job, so don’t let yourself stumble out of the gate. Take charge of your job hunting self and prove you are The One!

Feeling confident? Let’s see if you’re ready for some of the bare bones of job hunting. Take this quick true/false quiz to see where you stand!

The True/False Job Hunting Quiz

So…are you ready?

If you missed any questions, it’s probably because a lot has changed in the job hunting sphere over the last few years. Start-ups and remote work have flipped a lot of conventional wisdom on its head. Recruiters are looking to balance traditional values and expectations with future needs, shifting powers, and digital transformations.

But don’t lose hope! The great thing about basics is that they’re pretty easy to internalize. Never stop learning, and you’ll show those recruiters who’s boss!


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