Mr. Herbert Hemming, the President of Bosch Corporation, Japan, gives key insights into creating a culture of sustainable, productive innovation on a global scale.

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Professional Seminar:
Innovation for Profit: Realizing “Invented for Life” at Bosch
Mr. Herbert Hemming, President, Bosch Corporation Japan

Speaker: Mr. Herbert Hemming, President, Bosch Corporation Japan
Time and Date: 19:00 – 21:00, Friday, November 15, 2013
Venue: GLOBIS University, Tokyo, Japan
Language: English
Duration: 34:47
Event Description:
Bosch–the global technology and services company–has a history spanning more than 100 years, and over 360 group companies spread across 60 countries. It is among the world leaders in global patents, achieving both profitability and innovation, which is encapsulated in its company motto, “Invented for Life.” How does it continue this successful run of innovation? What challenges does its still face? What can we learn from them?

Throughout its history Bosch has churned out one technological innovation after another, including fuel injection, anti-lock brake system (ABS), and Electronic Skid Control, significantly contributing to the advancement of the world auto industry. Recently, the company is active in the area of “reverse innovation,” or innovation that occurs first in emerging economies. For Bosch, parts and devices developed in its subsidiaries in India and China bring cost innovation and then spread to the rest of world to produce significant profit for the entire company.

But, as you know, creating and maintaining this innovation is not easy. How does Bosch create new technology that is relevant to its customers and ahead of the competition? How does this Bosch retain its innovative culture despite its large size and dominant market share? Here to explain Bosch’s experiences in innovation management, strategy, and implementation is Mr. Herbert Hemming, the President of Bosch Corporation, Japan.

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