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Global Japan
JUL 1, 2016

Action 10. Nurture an Environment that Produces Startups and Promotes their Growth

potential startup launchers (people), the inflow of adequate funding (money), an ecosystem that makes it easy for startups to grow (companies and the government). The notion of “supporting” startups doesn’t…

Tech & Innovation
NOV 30, 2017

The Future of Space Business: Startups or Billionaires?

SpaceX founder Elon Musk believes he can send people to Mars by 2024 and colonize the Red Planet in the 2030s. If true, how will we get…

Global Japan
JAN 16, 2017

Japan’s Silicon Valley: Startups Launch Innovation and Collaboration in the Ancient Capital of Kamakura

…made Kamakura more attractive for start-ups. From the ZenHack hackathon workshop housed in a Buddhist temple to a growing “iikuni” crowdfunding platform—big things are happening in the area now dubbed “Kamacon…

MBA Essentials
AUG 23, 2019

The Story behind Slack’s Direct Listing Decision

…the company decided to go against the grain, let’s lay out why startups choose the IPO option in the first place. There are two main benefits. 1. IPOs allow startups

Global Japan
NOV 15, 2011

Start Japan Up!

…in 2010. Iwase said there are two reasons why Japan remains enterprise-unfriendly: “The attitude of policymakers, and the attitude of the media to startups.” “New entrepreneurs provide expertise that older…

MBA Essentials
MAR 6, 2020

The 3 Paths for Launching Your Startup

When it comes to startups, there are a few standard, respected methods for getting a new company up and running. Each has its own developers and history of success. How…

Global Japan
AUG 22, 2016

Action 54. Scientific and Technological Innovation—Create a Virtuous Cycle with a National Strategy and Through Cooperation between Industry, Government, and Academia

…Enlarge the R&D Budget and Allocate Funding to the Private Sector, Particularly Startups In Japan only a tiny portion of the national budget goes to the private sector. Almost all…

Global Japan
MAR 23, 2020

East Asia’s Digital Marketing Industry Is Opening the Way for Significant Business Opportunities

…and expertise. This is particularly true for new startups and small businesses which are coming into existence in the digital age and depending on innovative and effective marketing strategies in…

Global Japan
JUL 4, 2016

Action 12. Implement an IP Strategy

…lay the foundations for the emergence from Japan of content industries that are globally competitive. 4. Create an environment in which intellectual property is created by startups, SMEs, universities, etc….

Tech & Innovation
NOV 29, 2016

Can AI Help Us Create Better Presentations?

…and have it create the slides for you? Several startups, such as Zuru and SlideBot, are already working on this, using technology to replicate the expertise of a human designer and build…