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Career Success
DEC 5, 2017

How to be a Social Media Superhero: My Lessons from 4 Years on LinkedIn

…Tokyo. Inevitably, I do most of my social media posting on Twitter and Facebook in Japanese. Here on LinkedIn, I find myself at a double disadvantage: I’m less comfortable with…

Career Success
MAY 24, 2011

Participation in the 2011 Milken Conference in Los Angeles

…discussion of social media as an opinion from Japan. (1) Social media was the most effective means of confirming safety in the period immediately after the earthquake, when mobile and…

Global Japan
NOV 11, 2011

New Media Promise, New Japan

and criticism. Thanks to new digital and social media, information is now disseminated faster and more widely than by traditional media such as newspapers and television. That, plus the interactive…

Global Japan
JUN 27, 2016

Action 6. Expectations for Mass Media: Be Responsible and Self-Aware, and Practice Journalism!

…to this information. Today, the mass media is undergoing dramatic changes with the emergence of the Internet and social media. These dynamic changes in the environment provide the mass media

Career Success
FEB 16, 2017

How Can Leaders Build Trust in a Time of Rage?

…dialogue with the public using open platforms. And the best such platform is social media. I wonder how many of you use social media? Further, I have a hypothesis that…

Global Japan
OCT 1, 2016

Action 89. Ensure Fair Assessment of Japan through Independent Efforts by Companies, the Media, and Individuals!

Media] Cultivate a Healthy English-Language Media! Japan’s English-language media is a gateway through which foreign nationals can access information about the country. It is unfortunate that the English-language media available…

MBA Essentials
OCT 11, 2019

A Need Only Tapioca Can Fill: Japan’s Latest Food Craze through the Eyes of Maslow’s Hierarchy

…these days have used social media to reunite with old friends or colleagues, rejoining a social circle that may have otherwise been lost. The third boom Where the first boom…

Career Success
MAY 19, 2010

Social Entrepreneurs “and” Entrepreneurs

…my blog, discussed the subject with social entrepreneurs, and reached a personal hypothesis that they are “basically the same.” Business models are essential for both social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. Both…

Global Japan
NOV 29, 2011

Media, Old and New – Panel 1/2

As 3/11 unfolded, the power of social media as a communication tool over the mainstream media became apparent. Social network technologies such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are transforming the…

Career Success
FEB 12, 2014

A New Model of Leadership for the 21st Century

…like wildfire through the online community. 4. Social media and people power Until the advent of web-based social media, traditional media disseminated information one-way. Now news has become a two-way…