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The Future of Household 3D Printing Will Mirror the Era of Digital-First Video Games

What do microtransactions, contract work, and digital rights management all have in common? They’re all problems in the gaming industry—and in the future of household 3D printing.

Tech & Innovation
APR 17, 2020

The Who, What, and Why of Robotic Process Automation

Robotics, AI, and machine learning are driving a new age of automation. In 2019, Grand View Research reported the global robotic process automation (RPA) market alone was valued at US$1.1…

Tech & Innovation
JUN 21, 2019

The Rise of Robots and Green Energy for All: Exponential Fears or Opportunities?

robotics so soon, now is the time to prepare if we as a society want to avoid unemployment and inequality. Monthly working time is expected to decrease with robots picking…

Career Success
NOV 15, 2017

Dialogue with Min. Yoshimasa Hayashi: Technology, Education, “Fun” and Japan’s future

Yoshimasa Hayashi, appointed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, is joined…

Do Japanese Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?

…projects that have yet to come to fruition either commercially or industrially. What’s taking so long? A robotics revolution booming on the same scale the electronics industry enjoyed in the…

Does Industry 4.0 Matter to Japan?

Aiming for strategy that drives technology, not the reverse.

Career Success
JAN 18, 2016

The Old-School MBA Is Ready for Disruption

…MBA” should prepare leaders to communicate through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in an informal, authentic and timely manner, both in good times and in bad. 4. Robotics Robotics is expanding…

Career Success
APR 25, 2005

The Arrival of Nuvo, the World’s First Mass-Produced Bipedal Robot

The robot has a red body. It is 40cm in height, but seems bigger. You can lay it down on…