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Global Japan
NOV 13, 2018

Asian Geopolitics: North Korea and How to Achieve Regional Stability

The June 2018 meeting between North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un and US President Donald Trump seemed to signify a new momentum in East Asia’s geopolitical balance. A few months later, the warm…

Global Japan
OCT 30, 2017

North Korea and Asian Geopolitics: Views from Japan, China, India, and the US

Geopolitical challenges in Asia have become multi-dimensional. North Korea’s persistent development of their nuclear and missile programs have prompted upgraded responses by the U.S. and China, and triggered a reorientation…

Career Success
JAN 13, 2017

Wisdom for Uncertain Times: Fighting VUCA with VEDA

…a US president who believes in impulsive tweeting, the rejection of expert advice, and cozying up to some countries (Russia) while provoking others (Mexico, China, and North Korea). We have…