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Career Success
MAY 20, 2005

On Social Networking, GREE, and Writing a Diary

…opened up my email, where I discovered an unusual message: an invitation from Mr. Kobayashi of our venture capital business (GCP) to join GREE. GREE is a social networking service (SNS) where friends meet…

Career Success
FEB 1, 2012

Davos Meeting 2012 (4): Day Five – Networking on a Global Scale

…state of mind. After the session on happiness, I did some networking in the hall. A surprising number of people came up to me and said that they had read…

Career Success
MAR 26, 2010

Seven Hypotheses on Twitter

…the quality of discussions goes down. I have been deeply involved in cyberspace networking since the age of PC communications via Nifty. I often posted stuff on FBINC, the Nifty…

Global Japan
DEC 6, 2012

Bringing Life Back to Tohoku with the KIBOW Entrepreneurial Community

…for people to come together in a positive environment of mutual stimulation and support. KIBOW held a number of networking events just after the earthquake. These activities, while simple, earned…

Career Success
MAR 2, 2010

WEF Annual Meeting 2010 in Davos – Part 5: Scenes from the second day at Davos

…same whether we have the internet or not. I didn’t schedule any appointments for lunch, so I went around “networking” with many participants at the main venue as I ate…

Career Success
DEC 8, 2016

Go with Your Gut! Why Instinct Delivers Better Results

…was in GREE, a Japanese social networking service. We multiplied our investment by 97 times! When we invested in 2005, GREE was a modest outfit based in an apartment with…

Career Success
JUN 20, 2013

Traits of Successful Female Leaders

…Habits & Personal Policies – Delegating, planning, networking, and consulting – Reliance on interpersonal powers over positional powers to influence people – Skills in planning, situational analysis, and networking 3….

Career Success
OCT 3, 2017

What is Life’s Greatest Pleasure?

…hosting parties and events and attending dinners and seminars. Networking of this kind is essential to human beings as “social animals.” Besides, none of us can achieve anything by ourselves,…

Career Success
FEB 11, 2012

Fourth G1 Summit (2): Scenes from the First Day of the Summit

…p.m. I’m participating in the breakout session on “The Impact of Social Networking Services and Cloud Computing” now. Minoru Imano of Globis Capital Partners (GCP) is serving as the moderator…

Career Success
JAN 30, 2012

Davos Meeting 2012 (1): the First and Second Days – The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models

…concerns of those CEOs are (1) the importance of transformations as opposed to changes and (2) how to adapt to technological evolution (including social networking service). Their strong sense of…