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Global Japan
MAR 16, 2016

Investing for Social Impact and Social Entrepreneurship in Japan

Learn about the rise of impact investing and social entrepreneurship in Japan, with reference to examples in the Tohoku region, where numerous social ventures rose and have grown after the…

Career Success
DEC 22, 2015

Want to have an impact? Try social impact investing.

…Tokyo to deliver a speech on social impact investing (SII) in May 2015. I took the opportunity to have a chat with Sir Ronald. (Our companies had established a joint…

Career Success
NOV 21, 2017

ESG Investing is the new CSR, but can it help you make more money?

Using ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) as investment criteria used to be merely conceptual, but recent movement can be seen among clients around the globe and the…

Career Success
MAY 24, 2011

Participation in the 2011 Milken Conference in Los Angeles

…went to the waiting room for platform speakers at the session from 8 a.m. The session in which I had been asked to participate was titled “Investing Asia.” Other platform…

Career Success
DEC 20, 2001

The Fall of U.S. Venture Capital

…and Chicago all went smoothly. I managed to brief a total of 10 companies who were investing in our Apex GLOBIS Partners fund. We are constantly sending out annual and quarterly…

Career Success
DEC 8, 2016

Go with Your Gut! Why Instinct Delivers Better Results

…When we make decisions (including about VC investing), we rely on some combination of three things: intellect, emotion, and gut instinct. Most of us are probably too willing to trust…

Career Success
JAN 29, 2005

Despair at Davos: Taxing Capital Gains of Foreign Investors

…to ignore this standard and have suggested introducing a new taxation rule: “Foreigners investing in Japan must pay taxes in Japan. And, in accordance with the taxation treaty, they should…

Career Success
DEC 13, 2001

Works Applications’ IPO

…before any other venture capital, investing 29 million yen in Works. Mr. Kariyazono took the post of part-time executive director to offer management advice and support for recruiting. I regularly…

Global Japan
JUN 5, 2013

The Answer to Future Economic Stability of the Philippines

…performance and innovation across all of its 17 sites worldwide. IMI is also heavily investing in manpower training and development programs aimed at competencies for optimum job performance and customer…

Career Success
DEC 12, 2012

How a New Generation of Entrepreneurs Is Forging a New Japan

…many times in investing. I’m seeing many people fail and go bankrupt. The same principle applies — good companies with good attitudes never go bankrupt; they get acquired beforehand. Even…