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Tech & Innovation
SEP 13, 2019

Facebook’s Libra: Virtual Currency Cure or Global Fintech Poison?

…still unclear how personal information will be handled. The third concern is over the financial industry. As fintech and digital currencies march onward in general, the financial industry is ever…

Global Japan
DEC 10, 2018

Fintech: What’s New in Innovation in Finance

Is the fintech revolution already dead? Technological breakthroughs in AI, big data, and blockchain have revolutionized finance, giving rise to banking alternatives, cross-border flows, and even currencies. But recent scandals…

Global Japan
DEC 22, 2016

Money without Borders: Fintech’s Impact on Education

shares how Fintech has revolutionized the international education payment system, in a dialogue with GLOBIS President Yoshito Hori and GLOBIS students. He also shares about his company, fintech, and entrepreneurship….