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Career Success
SEP 25, 2020

Your Sense of Purpose Is Influenced by Gender, Nationality, and Personality

Your relationship with purpose depends on who you are and where you’re from. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it to your advantage.

Tech & Innovation
SEP 22, 2020

What’s in a Google Doodle? Leveraging Art for UX Success

Google Doodles: the innovative secret to a user experience that delights and engages across all demographics and cultures. How are they conceived and designed? And how do Doodlers ensure cross-cultural sensitivity?

Tech & Innovation
MAY 26, 2020

Playing Video Games During Quarantine: The Double-Edged Sword That May Bleed Us All

Playing video games during quarantine is a great way to stave off quarantine blues. Play too much, though, and you may find yourself with other problems.

Tech & Innovation
AUG 29, 2018

EQ in Innovation

How much does emotion influence our response to uncertainty? Does emotional intelligence at home dictate professional success? Investment banker, venture capital specialist, and GLOBIS professor Dr. Paris de l’Etraz shares his findings on the role of emotion in innovation.

Career Success
JUN 28, 2018

How Emotional Intelligence Makes Any Presentation Better

…actually start building your slides. Here are a few easy, low-tech steps to help you do that. STEP 1: UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE THROUGH EMPATHY Before you even open PowerPoint, try…

Career Success
JAN 18, 2018

How to Build Leaders: Frank Feedback and Empathy with the Forum Method

…logic. Showing empathy (even non-verbally) is all-important.2. Avoid making judgments. Personal criticism is an absolute no-no. Focus on the feelings of the other people and withhold judgment.3. Never impose your…

Career Success
MAY 18, 2017

A Lesson in Leadership: Control Your Emotions and Be Positive

There’s more than one kind of intelligence! Yoshito Hori breaks down how to control your emotions for positive effect.

Tech & Innovation
JAN 10, 2017

Storytelling Trumps AI

…data with emotion, it leads to better recollection, empathy, connection to the speaker, what you need to inspire others to action. It’s something that is already a necessary skill for…

Career Success
DEC 8, 2016

Go with Your Gut! Why Instinct Delivers Better Results

What is instinct? How much should you trust it in business? Yoshito Hori shares his insights and experiences balancing instinct, emotion, and intellect.