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How to Build Leaders: Frank Feedback and Empathy with the Forum Method

...logic. Showing empathy (even non-verbally) is all-important. Avoid making judgments. Personal criticism is an absolute no-no. Focus on the feelings of the other people and withhold judgment. Never impose your...

Three Career Skills You Need to Thrive in the 21st Century Workplace

...products. Effective storytelling requires empathy and an understanding of human nature, but machines cannot generate empathy. AI might get there one day, but for the next few decades this seems...

Storytelling Trumps AI

...with your audience. It is wrapping data with emotion, it leads to better recollection, empathy, connection to the speaker, what you need to inspire others to action. It’s something that...

Steve Jobs, Zen, and Design Thinking

...thinking. He broke down design thinking to three components. Empathy Use empathy to understand people’s needs, even if the people you’re dealing with can’t articulate those needs themselves. Experimentation Be...
Black-and-white image of Japanese people riding escalators with strict etiquette to stand on the right side, observing a high-context culture

How to Live Happily Ever After (Socially Speaking) in Japan’s High-Context Culture

...nature is fundamentally good. Even with no external influence or threat of punishment (fines, imprisonment, etc.), Japanese culture dictates that people voluntarily demonstrate generosity. Second is the commitment to empathy...
A typewriter feeding out a white page with the word "diversity" in large letters

Leveraging Diversity: How to Identify the True Power of Diversity and Make It Work...

...to bridge the gap between sympathy and empathy. Sympathy allows a leader to support the organization by “standing on the other side.” Empathy takes it a step further by creating...
A woman expresses emotional intelligence while making a presentation

How Emotional Intelligence Makes Any Presentation Better

...actually start building your slides. Here are a few easy, low-tech steps to help you do that. STEP 1: Understand your audience through empathy. Before you even open PowerPoint, try...

How to Deal with Disruptive Meeting Behavior

...circumstances will dictate both what you need to do and when you need to act. But ultimately, your action will require four steps: 1) Approach the person.2) Show empathy with...
Silhouette of a woman sitting in a grassy field with arms raised, an AI network in the air around her as the sun rises

How to Leverage AI for a World beyond COVID-19

...from early stage development to aggregate implementation. Bottom Line: Put Empathy to Work As much as we know that AI can make a huge impact on society, we also know...
Jonathan Soble discusses why storytelling is an essential skill for everyone.

How (and Why) Storytelling Is a Necessary Job Skill

...our perspective, negotiate, and create empathy. In other words, we need stories for life and work. Jonathan Soble, who enjoyed a successful career in journalism before becoming the editorial and...

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