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Global Japan
AUG 27, 2018

Japan’s Unexpected Gateway to Europe

digital age between Japan and Eastern Europe? DK:       I myself am not a digital professional. Perhaps because of that, it is fascinating to witness the rise of East European digital…

Career Success
JAN 26, 2007

Round-the-World Business Trip 2007. No. 4: A Brief Profile of European Investors

…general investors meeting, involving investors in GLOBIS based in Europe, was scheduled to begin at noon. European-based investors were drawn from six cities in as many countries: London, the U.K.;…

Global Japan
NOV 27, 2017

A Softer Brexit? Overreaching EU? A Weaker Europe? UK, French and German Perspectives

Last year’s Brexit vote in June seemed to widen a crack in the foundation of the EU, beginning with the economic bailout of Greece and other countries. Populism seemed to…

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JAN 30, 2012

Davos Meeting 2012 (2): Day Three – Becoming on a Par with World’s Finest Business Schools

…is a “major power in the EU but outside the Eurozone.” He argued: “The new treaty does not offer any safeguards for those EU states not participating in the Euro,…

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FEB 28, 2013

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013: Part 3, Day 3

…do not belong to the euro zone. This euro/non-euro divide is becoming increasingly conspicuous within the EU. I moved from the main venue to Morosani Hotel to attend the private…

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JAN 30, 2012

Davos Meeting 2012 (1): the First and Second Days – The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models

…word “Germany”, with the effect of underlining her position as the leader of Europe.) “What is required of us now is a firm resolve to tackle the problem as Europeans,…

FEB 17, 2011

Davos 2011 (1): Davos Forum as a “Competitive Exhibition for Leaders”

…role. “The euro is the EU. If the euro fails, Europe will fail,” she stated. “There is no currency problem in Europe. The only problem that exists is debt.” Merkel…

Global Japan
JUN 18, 2014

Japan and Belgium: The Contributions and Secret Strategies of Small Nations

Earlier this month, Brussels, the capital of my native Belgium, hosted its first EU G7 summit. Brussels is also the seat of NATO, and many international companies have their European…

Global Japan
OCT 15, 2019

How to Meet Client Expectations amid Rising Competition in the Age of Manufacturing Digitization

…What are your European clients’ expectations of OSG? TG:       Although OSG Europe is a European business, our customers still perceive us as Japanese. Therefore, there are very high expectations of…

Global Japan
MAR 22, 2013

The G-Zero in 2013: Doing Business in a Leaderless World and Impacts on East Asia 2/2

27, 2013Venue: GLOBIS University, Tokyo, JapanLanguage: EnglishDuration: 1:20:04About Eurasia Group This TOP Seminar is co-hosted by Eurasia Group, the world’s leading global political risk research and consulting firm. By providing…